Saturday, October 04, 2014

Ubuntu 12.04 LTSP-pnp Fat Clients--add menu item for all users (not yet solved)

I'm using a fresh setup of Ubuntu 12.04 LTSP-pnp with gnome-panel serving 18 Fat Client computers with a 2-NIC server setup. Students authenticate through the district's Active Directory servers via Likewise Open. I have a concept mapping application, CmapTools, that I want all users to be able to access easily through a menu. I've used: in years past to successfully add menu items for all users, but not sure if it works with this version of Ubuntu. Doesn't work yet. This is what I did.
  1. Using the built-in menu editor I added the application to my menu (added it to the Internet menu).
  2. Make a desktop launcher by dragging the menu item to the desktop as per
  3. to open in gedit: sudo gedit '/home/my-user-name/Desktop/alacarte-made.desktop' then add "Categories=Utility" (Utility category makes it show up in the "Accessories" menu) to end of launcher so it looks like this:
  4. Move to a place where these launchers work (again, check this page for this info: sudo cp '/home/my-user-name/Desktop/alacarte-made.desktop' /usr/local/share/
  5. Backup the file I'm going to edit: sudo cp /etc/xdg/menus/ /etc/xdg/menus/
  6. gedit didn't work to edit the menu file so had to use nano: sudo nano /etc/xdg/menus/
  7. Then added this as per the directions referenced above (.../how-to-add...) in the Utility section:
  8. At this point it appeared for me in my menu on the server. To get it to appear in everyone's menus on the fat clients I updated the image: sudo ltsp-update-image --cleanup
  9. Then rebooted the client, logged in as a test client, checked the Accessories menu and it wasn't there!
  10. Logged out and then logged back in as my own user on the fat client and CmapTools was in the menu! So, works in my account but not in a student account on a client computer. What's going on?

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