Thursday, August 04, 2011

Other mapping tool ideas

  1. Here's a cool site: paste in a page of text or so and it makes a 'tag cloud' of it. is also will give a vocab/meaning map of any selected (or typed in) vocab word.  Very cool.
  2. is the page I had been looking for.  This tool has 2 biggies-- it is has the cool 'wiggle-factor' and it gives more info by the color of the word (green is verb for example) and the links are also coded by shape/color to show part of/kind of relationships. Looks like the software that powers the site is related to this: however that site is referenced here: though that is an older page.
  3. This looks like #2 above but isn't so open/free: though it seems to use the same wiggle-engine.

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