Thursday, August 25, 2011

dell optiplex gx270 pxe boot does not work with LTSP on Lucid.

Many hours were wasted by me and others because I didn't know this about the optiplex gx270 sff computers.  I went on many sites, some by Dell, trying to make them pxe boot into ubuntu 10.04 via LTSP, but while I could follow the directions easily and rechecked many times, they didn't boot often and only by going the F12 in the BIOS.  So anyway, FYI, dell optiplex gx270 pxe boot does not work.  This is the first Pentium 4 I've found to not work.

Here's the bios info:
phoenix rom bios plus version 1.10 A03
Dell System OptiPlex GX270 Series
Bios version a03

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Other mapping tool ideas

  1. Here's a cool site: paste in a page of text or so and it makes a 'tag cloud' of it. is also will give a vocab/meaning map of any selected (or typed in) vocab word.  Very cool.
  2. is the page I had been looking for.  This tool has 2 biggies-- it is has the cool 'wiggle-factor' and it gives more info by the color of the word (green is verb for example) and the links are also coded by shape/color to show part of/kind of relationships. Looks like the software that powers the site is related to this: however that site is referenced here: though that is an older page.
  3. This looks like #2 above but isn't so open/free: though it seems to use the same wiggle-engine.