Tuesday, May 17, 2011

backing up wordpress database with phpMyAdmin 2.10.3

To backup the fle4 WordPress sites requires 2 steps, first is the backup of the database of comments etc.  The second is the back up of all of the files on the server which are inside the database folder, in my case, "blog".

Backing up the database with phpMyAdmin 2.10.3
  1. Go to the dashboard of the base site, go to Tools menu on the side and select phpMyAdmin.
  2. Scroll to the top, click on the "export" button.
  3. On the next page in the "Structure" section check the 2 boxes: "Add DROP TABLE" and "Add IF NOT EXISTS"
  4. At the bottom make sure the "Save as File" box is checked.
  5. If the database is very large use some kind of compression method otherwise simply click, "Go" and the backup file will be downloaded and saved onto your local computer.  
  6. The name of the backup is "database name.sql"  since my database name is "blog" the backup was called, "blog.sql".  The name of the database is perhaps the name of the directory that holds all of the files for the instance.
Step 2: Scroll to the top and select the "Export" tab.
Steps 3 and 4: Check the additional boxes as described and shown above.

Backing up the files in the database:
  1. Find the location of the directory that holds all of the database files on the server--my were in: /var/www/html/blog/.
  2. So then I downloaded them: scp -r username@ipaddressofserver:/var/www/html/blog ~/Desktop
  3. And 1,802 files later they were in the folder "blog" on my desktop!
I got the base of this info from: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups#Simple_Backup

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    WordPress 3.1--uncommon tasks

    1. When a student changes periods/class, one must change his/her FLE4 site.  There are (at least) two ways to change a student's class/site.  (UPDATE! ONLY 1 WORKS, THE OTHER MESSES UP THE SITE ADDRESS! "Solution 2" below does NOT work!) The easy way to do this is to go to the site dashboard to which you want to move the student.  Then, click on the dropdown on "users" and select "add new".  Then, in the "Add existing user", type their username into the box, click in the "Skip Confirmation email" box and click save. 
    2. Solution 2 (bad--don't do--this changes the url of the site, it doesn't change which site a student belongs to): go to the "Network Admin" button at top right, then click on "users" and find the user and the link on the far right of that interface to sites.  If the user belongs to a site in addition to the base site, then there will be a link to that site as well.  Hover over that edit link, click on it and edit the line that says "path" so that it shows the route to the correct site.  
    3. The easiest way to restart wordpress (so to say) is to restart the server.  I should have done that after the update I did on the server last night since in P1 today the fle server became unresponsive and I couldn't even reboot it--had to have Doug restart the VM.
    4. Make sure that you go to each site's dashboard, go to settings, then privacy.  Select, "I would like to block search engines but allow normal visitors".
    5. Then make "Blog Public" = 0.  Also, comments per page = 100.  Also, allow for 8-deep comments.