Monday, April 04, 2011

Starting to Concept Map

Eddie and Christen are coming today for an hour to prepare to launch into using CmapTools.  While neither of them have used it yet with their classes, in addition, Christen's students are also just learning how to use the computers today. 
  1. Go to the http://concept-maps.blogspot, log in and make a new post.
  2. Thoughts worth noting include...teacher first-use in class, glitches, uncertainties, questions...
  3. Open CmapTools and do setup with sheet.
  4. Setup online structure of folders.
  5. Instructional suggestions:
  6. First use of CmapTools: students open CmapTools (Applications-->Graphics-->CmapTools) and the splash screen will open and the registration screen opens behind it!  You then grab the top bar of that window and move it out from under the splash screen.  Students fill in the registration info as shown here log in just do user account setup (use school username and their new district password).  The second video down shows the process on this page:  Once everyone has that done, then log off and do a non-related activity.  That will be enough!  NOTE: CMAPTOOLS HAS A "WINDOW MANAGEMENT BUG" as can be seen that that the registration window appears under the splash screen.  Another manifestation of the bug is that students might not be able to click into any fields in the registration window!  Simply hit the space bar and this will allow you to click into the fields in the registration window.  Silly, I know.
  7. Second time Students use cmaptools have them do some fun, 'follow the path' assignment.  This is a core skill they need.  For example, "What is the name of the 3rd folder (not file!) located at: Teachers/Mr. Groos/aaRHS/bbRHS09/P2/Individual student folders/?"  After they have been introduced to this, give them to directions to the specific folder in which they make their own Personal folders.  Then give them a copy of this flowmap for detailed directions. See below for copy.
  8. Third time students use CmapTools, make first cmap file: Possible task: "Make a bubble map on science in one of the partner's student folder".  Their learning objectives would be to learn/get better at: a) navigating views window; b) connecting bubbles with lines; c) make un-broken connecting lines; d) make broken connecting lines; e) make arrow heads always appear; f) create a bubble map.  May want to skip objectives d and e as these can be a bit too much for the first time.
  9. Fourth time use of CmapTools, students in partners make a double-bubble map comparing themselves and partner.  This requires additional skill/knowledge: on how to make a double bubble map.  If students are fairly familiar with the double bubble thinking map then you may want them to work directly in their cmap file.  Otherwise, you may want students to plan out their map first in the notes, then copy it into their cmap file.
  10. A further activity (for another day) might be to change the look of this file to show additional knowledge, like each person has a different color of bubbles but the bubbles showing what they have in common could be a blended color.  Show student bubbles on the overhead when people are done!
Notes about using Edubuntu first times...
  1. Add the blue logout button to the panel--easier for students to logout and makes Classroom Admin close more gracefully.
  2. About Classroom Admin--may have to quit it and restart at the end of each class.

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