Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giving away computers to my students

The district is big.  It's always updating computers somewhere and thus getting rid of others as well.  Currently they are pulling out Pentium 4, 2.4--2.8 GHz machines, refurbishing them and distribute them to students who are most in need.  I have jumped in and participate in this by offering the computers to MY students, but instead of offering these refurbished computers with Windows XP, with the help of Logan, an 11th grade student, we install Edubuntu on them.  Here Logan explains a bit of the process with clonezilla:
Together we've given away Edubuntu-bearing computers to 35 or so student, with maybe 20 more to give before the end of the year.  I thought I would wait till after Natty came out to give them the brand new system!

I've been using bit torrent to download the 2.3 GB iso since it was released this morning, and it should be done in less than an hour!  Can't wait to load it on a computer, set it up, create the image, blast it onto the waiting student computers and get them to the kids.  They really love it.

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