Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cloning 10.04 server with clonezilla fails unless...

There seems to be an issue with cloning my Ubuntu 10.04 server and clonezilla.  When I tried to create a backup image of the disk I get the: "Something went wrong" message.  On line I found that the problem is probably with the i-nodes and the easiest way to solve this is to use clonezilla with the fsck option.
  1. Start like one normally does when cloning, but don't choose 'beginner mode' instead choose 'expert mode'.  Then you'll go though some similar screens but then you'll get to the advanced screens.  Always choose whatever option it defaults to, but one of the screens will have lots of options, one of which is "-fsck-src-part", select that and continue on and... things invariably work.
I wish I had recorded this on my blog the last time I had to solve it, but got it now!

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