Sunday, February 06, 2011

Reflections on LabQuest

-I’ve used LabPros for several years so it wasn’t a big step for me to use the 'new and improved' LabQuests which have the display built into the interface--no more need for connecting calculators or computers!  However, even though I had this prior experience, it took a while to be able to use the LabQuest fluidly.  They are a great tool and students loved them  I used them at least 1 time every 2 weeks with different lessons.  The 9th grade students, including my ‘sheltered’ students (ELL), got pretty good at using them.

-I had to deal with some issues as they came up this year including how to organize them along with the power supply, Ed and I designed a special carrying case just for them.  Also, they were freezing up so until I upgraded the firmware, that was a problem I had to deal with.

-Students loved to use them and seeing data on a graph as the experiment is happening is a powerful learning experience.

Really, all went great and I expect to continue to use them in classes and share them with my science colleagues.  Here's some background info I've created:
•    Concept map telling overview of the parts of the LabQuest System (with images).
•    Concept map that puts the LabQuest in a larger context.
•    Flow map that explains the steps for a good LabQuest introductory activity called, ‘hot hands’.

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