Saturday, October 30, 2010

Troubleshooting plone 3.2.3 k-12 buildout

Of course at first I didn't know that the problem I was having was due to the buildout.  It sure was great having a professionally constructed buildout, but open source is also synonomous with DIY so...  The following are excerpts from e-mails I had sent out to plone supporters of GCoS.

I thought I'd let you know about an issue I've been struggling with for a few days.  In my new 3.2.3 plone site from the buildout I can add all content types available, BUT users with member status can only see 9 of the 14 content types, including they can't see Vee's.

Another issue is that even though I explicitly give permission to logged in users to edit pages (vee pages) in a folder, they can't edit them. While I googled and went on #plone, I wasn't able to get anywhere.

I created a fresh site at root level.  I then created a 'member' level user.  I then went to Add Products in Site Setup and added (just) the Vee product--nothing else.

When I logged back in as a member, I was able to add Vees, showing the problem wasn't with the Vee's product, or at least, not totally.

I then Added all the 3.2.3 products from the buildout, some 20-30 of them.  Again logging back in as a member I tried to add a Vee and saw that the Vee had disappeared from the list of available content types.

I then went through a process of uninstalling all the products, several at a time, each time loggin out afterwards and re-logging in as a member to check if the Vee product was available.  It never was.  Even when I had uninstalled all products except the Vee, it still was unavailable.  I even then reinstalled the Vee but it was still unavailable as a content type.

Conclusion, some one (or more) of the add on products that are on the buildout messes around with content type adding for members (not for managers as I could always add it).  I also guessed that the issue may well be connected with the permissions issue I was having.
 A couple days later...
Well, I just finished a good bit of testing and found that I could add literally every product in the add-on section in site setup EXCEPT uwosh.timeslot.1.4.7 and all content types would be 'addable' by member-level users.  BUT, upon adding uwosh.timeslot.1.4.7, not mattering if it was the second addon (after adding the Vee product) or as the very last addon (after adding all 30 some products), several content types would immediately go missing (including the Vee).
And several hours later...
Good News!  By comparing the security settings between a good site and affected site, esp. paying attention to the timeslot column, I found that the row, "add portal content" was checked in the uwosh_timeslot_ScheduleManager and not checked in the Contributor, Manager and Owner columns.  So I reversed that on the 'broken' site and things instantly... work again add Vee's

I haven't checked the permissions issue yet but I'll let you know as I find out more.
And finally a bit later (post midnight...)
Couldn't resist testing permissions issue :)  sharing a folder now works properly :).

Ah... the taste of success :)

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