Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pooling our knowledge--make an entry point for new Edubuntu-LTSP users

Do you want to set up an LTSP lab?  Know how to:
  • Install Edubuntu?
  • Install LTSP?
  • Install Media Plugins?
  • Create a Backup process?
  • Manage student permissions?
  • Setup a proxy server?
  • Control details of your students internet access?
  • Install programs into the Chroot?
  • Set up a printer?
  • Install software to control a lab full of computers?
  • And optionally LocalApps, Add users? Add a scanner? etc?
Well, I didn't and don't.  I found out that even generalist, Linux-wise people can't do all of these tasks without some help.  Thus was born the idea to make 1 page to rule them all or at least to coordinate all the how-to pages needed to do a basic (but complete) set up of an Edubuntu Lucid LTSP server.

I was moved by all the work that has been done on the Ubuntu wiki.  So much has been created over the years and hopefully The "BasicSetup" wiki page respects this effort.  Also, with a single entry point to the how-to pages for the set of critical setup tasks, it will be easier to know which pages must be kept current as new versions of Ubuntu are released.

Like all community projects, I can't (nor ought to) do this all myself.  I don't have enough knowledge nor enough time.  There are many dozens of people on the 3 main Edubuntu mailing lists.  The Dev's are already tapped out with their work developing the software and answering higher-level troubleshooting questions so mainly my plea is directed to the Edubuntu-users list and Ubuntu-education list.   Haven't made a page and not sure how to?  Ask me and I'll help you get started.  We need more people helping out our growing community.

Please take a look at basic setup page.  Consider adding your knowledge to this page, improving this page or the linked how-to pages.
  • If there are existing how-to's that are appropriate for Lucid, note that and link to them.  
  • If a how-to page needs to be updated for Lucid and you have the knowledge or are willing to gain it and update the page, please do so!  
  • If you are going to perform one of the basic setup tasks and there already exists a page for this task, go to that page and test it out as you perform it and improve the clarity of the page
  • If you use one of the pages and need to ask for help, reference that page so it can be improved! 
I'm willing to work to help create and coordinate this BasicSetup series of pages.  Join me!

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