Thursday, July 29, 2010

Create FLE4 'sites' for teachers with WordPress 3.0

In a previous post I describe much of how to set up FLE4 knowledge building using WordPress 3.0 (our district IT guy, Doug Roberts, set up WordPress 3.0 and did the LDAP integration with the Minneapolis Public Schools AD).  This version of WordPress is especially important as it integrates much of the multi-user capabilities from previous WordPress mu versions.  And this is important because it allows one to easily create new 'sites' (previous known as, 'blogs') on the fly.  This is important because it allows one to invite more teachers into the world of knowledge building.  The following describes how to create a new site and set it up for knowledge building for another individual.

The steps to create the new site are:
  1. As the super-admin go to your dashboard and click on 'Sites' and look to the bottom to the section that is titled, "Add site".
  2. Type in a short name (often lower case) to identify this site.  Consider that a teacher will most likely want a separate site for each of their classes thus some consider adding something like, "p3" or "p4" to the end of the site name for period 3 or period 4.
  3. Add a site title and add the e-mail address of the teacher.
  4. Finally, click on the "Add Site" button below this.
The steps to update the teacher as the admin for the site:
  1. This will take you back to the dashboard listing of your sites.  Hover the cursor over the name of the new site and click on Edit.
  2. Find where it says new user and put in the persons username.  Give them Administrator role and click on 'Update options'.
  3. Click on their name, give them a First/Last/nickname and click on update, again.
The steps to configure the new site for knowledge building.
  1. Click on the "Posts" control panel and select "Categories".
  2. In the name field I typed, "Knowledge Building", gave a quick description then pressed, "Add New Category".
  3. Click on the "Settings" control panel, select, "knowledge building".
  4. Under the "Knowledge Building" column I clicked on "Progressive Inquiry", then pressed, "Save Changes".
  5. Then go back to the "Settings" control panel and select, "Discussion" then,
  6. Put a check next to: Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep, scroll to the bottom and select, "Save Changes".
Done!  Repeat for each site you want.  If there is an easier way... post below or let me know.

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