Friday, June 11, 2010

reinstalling/updating CmapServer

This is a big one as I update CmapServer no more than 1 time a year.
  1. Download software on a computer within the district firewall.
  2. Use scp to transfer it to the server:
  3. scp /Users/admin/Desktop/LinuxCmapServer_v5.03.01_06-05-09.bin dgroos@10.x.x.x:/home/dgroos/ (and it works!)
  4. This page tells how to export an x-session from a VE container through the internet:
  5. I put the .bin file in /srv/ and set the permissions with: sudo chmod 755 LinuxCmapServer_etc.bin
  6. Then I run it by typing: sudo ./LinuxCmapServer_etc.bin and it works :)

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