Wednesday, June 30, 2010

compiz problem in booting ltsp thin clients

I worked for a few hours trying to address an issue on the new lucid server--I wasn't able to login to a thin client but it did boot.  I jumped on the #ltsp and this is what I got (and again, thanks alkisg!!!):

(09:37:52 AM) dgroos1: Hi
(09:38:26 AM) dgroos1: I'm installing LTSP on an Edubuntu 10.04 setup.
(09:39:18 AM) dgroos1: the ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server install went well.
(09:39:39 AM) dgroos1: My DHCP is handing out addresses.
(09:40:13 AM) dgroos1: ltsp-build-client --arch i386 went well.
(09:40:53 AM) dgroos1: After reboot I attempted to boot a thin client and it successfully booted to login screen.
(09:42:56 AM) dgroos1: upon putting in user and password and enter, the screen alternates between the message: (process:211): GLib-Warning**: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0) (and the rest is off the screen)
(09:43:59 AM) dgroos1: and the other screen looks like a zebra on the top half: about 50 alternating black and white vertical lines.
(09:45:58 AM) dgroos1: Google hasn't helped me yet, syslog tells me: "gcos-server ldminfod[xyza]: connect from ("
(09:46:18 AM) dgroos1: Any ideas what I can do?
(09:48:21 AM) dgroos1: and the syslog message above gets repeated almost exactly every 15 seconds.
(09:53:49 AM) alkisg: !compiz
(09:53:50 AM) ltspbot`: alkisg: "compiz" :: if compiz is giving you problems, one way to disable it for all users is: sudo gconftool-2 --direct --config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type string --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager metacity
(09:54:05 AM) alkisg: dgroos1: try this ^^
(09:54:27 AM) alkisg: About the zebra, try putting "nomodeset" in pxelinux.cfg/default
(09:54:33 AM) dgroos1: hi alkisg!
(09:54:41 AM) dgroos1: will do...
(09:54:41 AM) alkisg: hello :)
(09:57:04 AM) dgroos1: :)
(09:57:16 AM) dgroos1: I should say... :D
(09:57:41 AM) alkisg: Heh ;)
(09:57:56 AM) dgroos1: it works now. This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere or at least I didn't have the right search terms...
(09:58:32 AM) dgroos1: I'll put it on my blog. Thanks alkisg! Now on to localapps and fatclient chroots!
(09:58:53 AM) alkisg: dgroos1: you don't need to install ssh separately, it's installed along with ltsp-server
(09:59:48 AM) dgroos1: OK I'll note that... Any other advice? I was just going to use the instruction pages on the help.ubuntu and wiki.ubuntu.
(10:00:32 AM) alkisg: They should be OK - except for the localapps wiki page, which I hate...
(10:00:47 AM) alkisg: I think it's making it much much more harder than it is
(10:01:08 AM) dgroos1: there is a new localapps page for Karmic, I think I saw.
(10:06:11 AM) alkisg: <== I mean this one, it's more complicated than it should.
(10:09:04 AM) dgroos1: I'm hoping this page will do the trick:
(10:11:05 AM) alkisg: Ugh, why isn't that under UbuntuLTSP? Someone should move it...
(10:12:00 AM) alkisg: Anyway, some hints, if you want to edit that page: sudo nautilus => not needed, gedit can create new files,
(10:12:16 AM) alkisg: LOCAL_APPS=True, SEARCH_DOMAIN, DNS_SERVER => not needed,

So anyway, the answer was at 09:53:50.

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