Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now trying scribefire AKA Learning to work with indented lists and html

My Deepest Sender blog editor test just went flat--didn't work with blogger--that was a waste of my time :(

Now trying scribefire.  First impressions:
  1. I like the look of the editor and has nice wysiwyg editor BUT
    1. I need to be able to do multiple levels of indent and a table would be great too.  Wait...
  2. What's that bar at top left...  better save before I try it...
  3. OK that didn't give more editing options.
  4. Do I have to learn that piece of html?  alas...
    1. Add this level
  5. Remove this level

What level is this at? OK, none
  • Is this level indented?
    • I didn't end the above with an end tag to the ul.

back to beginning?
  1. start of ul--just indent, no markers

ended the above indent w ul endtag
  1. first line
    1. second line
  2. third line

Still Normal?
  1. first line
  2. second line
  3. third line, same indent
    1. forth line, increase indent
  4. fifth line, decrease indent
sixth line, no indent.
  • I
    • get
      • it
        • now.

Also, Much more efficient way to work with/edit posts.
Good, clear, detailed, broad info from:

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