Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trevor Advanced GCoS this Summer

Well, I've been quite lame at publishing posts to this project blog since July and am going about looking at some of the old ones polishing them a bit, then publishing them.  One thing I want to do for a LONG time is recognize the efforts of Trevor Blanton throughout this summer, from the start of the summer when we first met in Professor Paul's office to the end of the summer when most everything was set up on the server.

Trevor biked over to my house a couple times every week, working for a couple to several hours each time, attacking and solving 1 challenge after another.  I learned many things about the command line interface this summer from him, as well as learning more about Ubuntu and LTSP in general.  Equally important to the intellectual aid was the morale support his determination provided.  Neither I nor GCoS would be at this point if it weren't for his support.  Thanks!

His setup got a bit friendlier as the summer progressed--at least better for his back!

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