Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Shoutouts to come...

Thanks to Jack U, Fred O, and Brian D-G.  Nor do I want to forget to mention alkisg and sbalneav as well!  More details to come!

Trevor Advanced GCoS this Summer

Well, I've been quite lame at publishing posts to this project blog since July and am going about looking at some of the old ones polishing them a bit, then publishing them.  One thing I want to do for a LONG time is recognize the efforts of Trevor Blanton throughout this summer, from the start of the summer when we first met in Professor Paul's office to the end of the summer when most everything was set up on the server.

Trevor biked over to my house a couple times every week, working for a couple to several hours each time, attacking and solving 1 challenge after another.  I learned many things about the command line interface this summer from him, as well as learning more about Ubuntu and LTSP in general.  Equally important to the intellectual aid was the morale support his determination provided.  Neither I nor GCoS would be at this point if it weren't for his support.  Thanks!

His setup got a bit friendlier as the summer progressed--at least better for his back!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Starting and Stopping the CmapServer

One can stop CmapServer using AdminTool. To get AdminTool just download the CmapServer software from the IHMC site. The only thing you need from the folder is the AdminTool application.

Rodrigo from IHMC fame told me how to start the CmapServer and stop it from the command line interface. First ssh into the server running the CmapServer. Get to the right location and run the command mentioned shortly. To get to the right place I need to 'sudo su' since I installed as root.  Here are the commands: 
  • sudo su
  • cd /root/IHMC_CmapServer
  • nohup ./bin/CmapServer &
  • (then it replies:)
  • root@xyz:~/IHMC_CmapServer# nohup: ignoring input and appending output to `nohup.out'
  • (and inserts a blank line and it is then that I press the enter key again and I'm back to the prompt!)
    And to stop it you need to first find out the CmapServer process ID, as a regular user:
    • ps -Af | grep -i CmapServer
    • (it won't be obvious which number is the PID. The first word of output will be 'root'. right after that is the PID#. Also, there will be a line for the actual 'grep' process--ignore that line.)
     Then to stop it using the just-discovered process id:
    • sudo kill -9 PID (where you type in the process id # in place of 'PID')
    • (for example, 'sudo kill -9 1286)
      To make configuration adjustments you need to first become root (because the directory containing all of these files in inside the 'root' directory), then open the file with an editor such as nano:
      • sudo su
      • nano /root/IHMC_CmapServer/bin/serverconfig.txt
      To reinstall update cmapserver go to correct VZ: ssh -2 -c blowfish -X user@ipaddress, and:
         1. Make sure that echo $DISPLAY returns localhost:10.0  If it doesn't try running...
         2. set DISPLAY=:10.0; export DISPLAY (not sure if sudo or sudo su is needed)
         3. Then stop CmapServer
         4. Then run, sudo /root/IHMC_CmapServer/bin/update
         5. Then it should nicely do the x-term thing and walk you through it!

      Sunday, November 01, 2009

      Hiding the 'user' and 'news' and 'events' folders in plone

      This was such a cool thing I've needed to do for a while on my Plone sites. Thanks to sfulmer for this info!

      From: New Mexico, USA
      Registered: 2006-12-07
      Posts: 27

      To hide tabs:

      From the Plone Control Panel, go the the Zope Management Interface.
      Click portal_properties, then navtree_properties
      In the field 'IdsNotToList', enter the ids of the folders for which you do not want to generate tabs (one item per line). The ids of the folders I removed are: Events, Users and News are: events, Members and news, respectively.
      Click 'save changes'

      sfulmer also adds you can:
      turn off automatic tab generation altogether and define tabs in portal_actions in the ZMI. To set a default page for a folder, use the 'display' content menu, click 'change content item as default view'