Saturday, July 04, 2009

Setting up a GCoS Edubuntu thin client server

The GCoS Edubuntu Server needs a variety of capabilities. The following lists them . If you see ** at the start of the line, it shows that capability set up.
  1. **Run Edubuntu on Jaunty Jackalope (9.0.4).
  2. **Use the built-in thin client server--LTSP 5.
  3. Use Gnome Watchdog to auto kill stale processes.
  4. Use the LocalApps solution for the following programs: Firefox 3.5, CmapTools, JRE, JVM, OpenOffice Suite.
  5. Use Webmin for management of server. It is necessary to install and change port number from 10000 to something like... PSM, before installing and configuring iTALC which also wants to use this port.
  6. An effective replacement for the standard, "Users and Groups" system application.
  7. Remote Desktop solution using NoMachine's NX Free Edition For Linux --DEB
  8. Management of thin client machines with iTALC.
  9. Management of users desktop environments with Sabayon (currently in Jaunty Beta)
  10. Easy to use software to view user's Firefox 'histories'. The presence of an effective accountability system proactively discourages abuses.
  11. Setup printers on local LAN.
The district has agreed to install or to consider to install the following capabilities:
  1. Squid Proxy
  2. SquidGuard to manage user internet capabilities. level1, level2, level3
  3. LDAP integration with district AD.
Firefox details:
  1. Java apps such as at the phet site, need to work well.
  2. Flash content needs to work well.
  3. Quicktime content needs to work well.
  4. Firefox management program would be great--control things like not allowing students to erase history, change proxy settings, etc. It would be awesome to tie in this management system with the level1, level2, level3 permission management system.
Additional Resources
  1. Edubuntu users mailing list archives
  2. Edubuntu developers mailing list archives
  3. Re-building the chroot
  4. Curent LTSP on line admin reference guide
  5. Ubuntu documentation on LTSP --lots of links to other pages, mainly.
  6. LocalApps on Jaunty LTSP--this is a key doc. Refers to related page
  7. LTSP user forums in sourceforge
  8. iTALC site
  9. iTALC on LTSP--pending
  10. Sabayon
  11. Gnome Watchdog
Hardware Description
  1. Servers: 2, dual-core Xeon processors, 2.8 GHz, 3 GB RAM, RAID5, running Ubuntu Jaunty Server edition w/LTSP enabled.
  2. Clients: 2 kinds: Pentium III 933 MHz, at least 384-512 MB RAM, 100 MB NIC/ Pentium IV, 2.4 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 100 NIC.

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