Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meeting with Professor Paul and Trevor

As the summer wore on, so did the hours spent in front of the computer. Sure there was progress but extrapolating its trajectory wasn't encouraging. I knew I really needed Linux help... This is not to say that I hadn't been receiving tons of great help from the #edubuntu irc, edubuntu user and devel lists, nonetheless I needed something more.

I e-mail Paul Imbretson, a professor at the University of Minnesota to ask for ideas or support for the server setup, suggesting that perhaps he knew a U of M student who might be interested in a service learning project... I got Professor Imbretson's name from Haftom, someone I had met at a Teknie event. Long story shorter. I heard about their cool partnership with North HS Angela and her science class' partnership with a town in Nigeria where they are working on building relationships--and wind power. It ended with Trevor and I creating a quick google doc to organize and help coordinate our work. It has a grid of tasks to be done with related columns. It also has a log at the bottom to record efforts. This was hugely encouraging!

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