Saturday, June 20, 2009

Which version of java for jaunty?

I asked myself this multiple times in the last few days--some are saying that the java-6-sun version is better than java-6-openjdk. What does better mean? I just got a hold of the guy who got me started with Ubuntu and open source and planted the seeds for thin clients--Tom Marble. He worked for many years at Sun and was passionatly involved in the open-sourcing of java. He said that the java-6-sun version, as long as you have all of it's dependencies, is probably more stable. This was in response to, 'which is better'. He then led me through the terminal steps to set this up:

in terminal:
  1. "sudo su" to become the root user.
  2. "update-java-alternatives --list" to find out what java you have installed. I had both java-6-openjdk and java-6-sun.
  3. "update-java-alternatives --set java-6-sun" upon which tons of lines started rolling by like, 'No alternatives for appletviewer', etc. He reassured me this was fine.
  4. And then it ended. Then I typed, "java -version" and it said: "java version "1.6.0_13"" and that was great since in all my efforts to update java I'd never gotten it to say that advanced of a version (it always reported, '1.6.0_0').
I haven't checked much, but going to a couple of java test sites ( e.g. and things are looking peachy. Next to the really challenging tests: CmapTools, a java based program that has brought my server to its knees with just 2 thin clients opening it over a 30 second period, and the java applets which are excellent science learning resources such as the dozens at this tremendous site:

I'll comment back when I've done more tests...

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