Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NX Client and me

NoMachine's remote access software is great, the best, to my experience. I can sit at any computer with NXclient and open a window from a remote computer that's running NXserver, and the experience is about as good as if I were actually sitting in front of that remote computer. This is is important for me so as I can access my server (soon to be servers) from at home or behind locked doors. Of course, I know there are people who prefer the (potentially) powerful, linear, command-line interface to the 2/3 dimension access provided by a Graphical User Interface. That's fine, I like my GUI.

As I mentioned in my last post, my NXclient access broke in working on the firefox localapp: advance on one front, retreat on another...

So, I spent 5+ hours today trying to regain access. I won't go into gory details but finally when I removed a hidden file from my file system
  • sudo rm -r Users/admin/.nx
as well as the 2, non-hidden main directories:
  • sudo rm -rf /usr/NX
  • sudo rm -rf /Applications/NX*.app
and reinstalled, I was able to gain access again. The, 'creating another system user' fix did not work nor did the re-doing and copying the access key.

[Also--I got all hidden files (the ones with . at the start of the file name like, .letter.txt), to show up on my file system by these 2 commands:]
  • defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
  • killall Finder
And make them hide again by setting the TRUE back to FALSE.

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