Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minnesota Penguins Unbound Installfest AKA good times (this is a post started about 6 weeks ago)

Today (4-25-09) I came to TIES where Brian Dolan-Goecke organized and hosted the semi-annual Ubuntu InstallFest. It's a good time for all, Linux nerd or wannabe. I fall into the latter category but am slowly becoming more of an asset to the community, I hope. In that spirit, I asked Jack Ungerleider to take some notes as he set about solving a pernicious problem with my Plone 3.1.4 PIL installation. In brief, the problem was that I could upload images eg a jpg onto the site (though there would be an error message) and then trying to use fancy zoom on them the expanding picture would be...nothing. Anyway, he got it working and here is what he wrote.

Tkinter support:
install python-imaging-tk
set TCL_ROOT in to "/usr/include/tcl"

Build PIL using python2.4 build
If Tkinter support ok then
Install PIL using sudo python2.4 install

He also gave some ideas about backup which I will address this summer.

Simple backup
tar -cvf /where/you/want/output/givenametofile.tar Root/level/of/source

(for external drive /media/disk-name)

tar -cvf /Volumns/UbuntuServerBackup1/4-25-09.tar

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