Thursday, June 11, 2009

LoggerPro and Edubuntu and thin clients

Hurray! Vernier Software recently released a Linux version of their super software, "LoggerPro". I'm installing it on my Edubuntu thin client server.

To get the software I went to this page and signed up for the public beta at which time they sent me a link to the software which I downloaded. I unpacked it into 2 .deb files. So I looked up and quickly found out how to install a .deb file on Ubuntu. You simply type:
sudo dpkg -i package_file.deb (where 'package_file.deb is the absolute path to the .deb file I want to install)
at the prompt as described on numerous pages. I installed the driver file and then the loggerpro file. However, the real adventure began as I tried to find the installed programs. I did a search using the 'find' app in the places menu typing in loggerpro and logger and all to no avail!

After spending a good time googling, "where are .deb files installed" "Ubuntu .deb files installed" etc etc I was getting frustrated. There was no 'finally'. However, on one page I read something about the admin program Synaptic which sparked an idea so I opened it, typed, 'logger' and quickly found the files were installed at: /usr/share/local/

I logged into a thin client and tried to open the 'startup.cmbl' file but nothing happened. I reasoned that maybe I should have installed the 2 .deb files in reverse order and did so. I restarted the server for good measure. Still clicking on the startup.cmbl did nothing. Then I dragged a copy of an experiment file I had saved on my flashdrive onto the desktop and double clicking on it did nothing. And, I just tried to start it on the server (remotely via NX Client) and while a window did pop up on the screen for a half second, it still didn't work.

I just got the idea trying to install it from the command line but that didn't work, either. Hmmm time to go to forum and ask for some help.

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