Sunday, May 17, 2009

re-creating the chroot

nice command to make a backup, of instance 293 into a directory-to-be-created called instance 293backup:
sudo cp -a /usr/local/zope/instance293 /usr/local/zope/instance293backup

must copy the sources.list file from the root install to the chroot install:
sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/apt/sources.list

then update the package list:
sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get update

and to upgrade the packages:
sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get dist-upgrade

From page:

Also, to deactivate a source that isn't responding during update and then prevents the update process, go to the source.list.d directory, find the offending source (e.g. stgraber-ppa-lucid.list and and open them up with gedit, add a "#" at the start of the line with the address on it, save and close.  Do with both files (.list and  ALSO, do in the chroot (as described above).

Work around for Java on LTSP on Ubuntu

Note to self--
Until Java is properly implemented on Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTSP I'll need to use the following work around as per this bug report. This is the second time I've installed this fix. The work around involves replacing the hardy libx with the gutsy libx.

Of course I got the update message that I had an old version of a file on the system and that I should update it. I did end up updating it a bit ago (thus the need to re-install this fix) because I needed the hardy version for another install I was doing.

Thanks to all the hard-workers out there for creating and communicating the work arounds. Since a lot of that is opaque for me, I'll record the essential elements:
  1. Download this file to my desktop: libx11-6_1.1.1-1ubuntu4_i386.deb
  2. Type this in at the prompt:
    # sudo dpkg -i '/home/dgroos/Desktop/libx11-6_1.1.1-1ubuntu4_i386.deb'
  3. It will give me a warning that I'm downgrading the xlib file as it installs it.
  4. I just found something to let the system know that I want the old version of this file here and so it will stop telling me to upgrade it. At the prompt I type the first line of the following to make sure that the status of the file is 'install' and as you can see from the second line, sure enough, it is 'install'
  5. # dpkg --get-selections | grep libx11-6
    libx11-6 install
  6. Next, I type the following command so that I have sufficient privileges for the 'hold' command:
  7. # sudo su
  8. Then I type:
  9. # echo "libx11-6 hold" | dpkg --set-selections
  10. ... and now when I check the status of the file using the command from # 5 above, it says that the status is not, 'install' but is instead, 'hold'.
  11. Nice, now when I run update on the computer it shows the libx file to update, but it is grayed out. I'm guessing that when I need to update this file I'll simply run the command on #9 above but instead of using the word 'hold' I'll type 'install'.