Thursday, March 05, 2009

Use Blog for Professional Development

I know, I'm deviating from the Primary Directive (Phase 1--get everything working) but sometimes ya gotta pull a Kirk. I talk with Eddie daily about this lesson or that that we are teaching, insights and lessons learned (ours). I keep wishing for a system to channel this practical knowledge. So here is an ideal to weave several important thread together. The Threads:
  1. nailing down our insights (our own personal blogs).
  2. communicating our insights withing our community and get their feedback (sharing/commenting on each others blogs).
  3. reflecting/sharing our insights in the form of lessons with others in the community where they can help shape the form and content of the lesson (LeMill server).
  4. get credit for professional development (ProPay Skill Set)
  5. provide public evidence of the vast knowledge base and skill set that teachers routinely use (our blogs).
The idea is that a group of people would sign up for a 'ProPay Skill Set' course for credit. This course might focus on such a thing as Gowin's Vee as a support for student directed inquiry. All teachers would open a blog on or where ever.

Teachers would daily or bi-daily blog on their experience with using the Vee in their class over a (say) 2 month time period. Occasionally, maybe 2 or 3 times over those 2 months, when they felt that they had polished a good lesson using the Vee, they would publish it on our districts LeMill server (which is being moved to a faster server at the moment). Others in the ProPay group would be expected to comment on other's blogs as well as try and (as appropriate) improve on the lesson posted on LeMill.

How could this idea be improved? Leave a comment, ay?

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