Monday, March 02, 2009

TODO list to reach the state of... "Limpin' but Live"

Here's what needs to happen so as the class net can go live... even if it isn't completely done...
  • Get my admin user account to auto login on server startup, then screen lock. OR... somehow ssh and remotely login through the GNOME interface. This will allow me to use the iLO to remotely start the server and then to be able to VNC into it w/OUT having to be present at server side (I don't have 'on-demand' access to the room).
  • Make printer work on network.
  • Make it so that students can not edit other peoples files and folders.
  • I need to add all apps to the 'permissions-managing data base'.
  • add all students to the proper groups (Start in the level 1 group)
  • is there better "User and Group" software--that has a larger management window? that can sort users by alpha? that can see just a group of users and not the whole list?

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