Thursday, March 19, 2009

iTALC's almost working...

I had a lot of problems with iTALC and Webmin as both coveted port 10000 and I wasn't able to adjust them because the other interfered... So I uninstalled both, installed webmin, changed the port it listens on (and the one on which it 'speaks'?) to well, a different one.

Then I used this page to reinstall, and it went great till the very end when I get an error message saying that:
id: cannot find name of group ID 1021
id: cannot find name of group ID 1022
id: cannot find name of group ID 1023
id: cannot find name of group ID 1027
While there were several suggestions on how to deal with it, from "ls /etc/groups" to making sure the permissions of /etc/group and /etc/passwd were set to 644, none of this worked, for 1 thing the permissions were right already.

OK here's the cool thing :-) I was futzing around with the Ubuntu admin app, Users and Groups, and quickly found that the four wayward groups were the level1, level2, level3 and level4 groups I'd created as part of the Managing Group permission strategy. Well, when I opened up the /etc/group file it showed all of the groups and who was a member of each and I noticed, strangely, that these were basically the only groups in which 'root' was a member. I had added root to these groups because, not knowing exactly what I was doing, I wanted to hedge my bets.

So anyway, upon removing root from each of these groups, I no longer got that error and things ended swimmingly :-) This, by the way, is the first piece of original Linux computer-problem-solving-knowledge I've created and yes I'm proud--nice to be a producer, not just consumer. Now all I need to do is figure out how to make remote-control function work on iTALC...

By the way, here's a nice little post about the utility/need for iTALC management programs:

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