Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fixed: the network and thus the printer :-)

I've been working on this printer issue (part time of course) for months. They have this saying in Guatemala: "Que vale el que sabe!", roughly translating to, "He who knows is valuable!" Well, this saying was proven true once again tonight.

Since I've got the network at my house so as to be able to work on it over weekends etc, Jamie came over here after work today and dived into the thin client network. It didn't take him long to find out that there were miscoordinated subnet IP addresses which, after a few hours, cokes and a wonderful pizza made by Maria, my wife, are now logically established. I probably mixed them up at some early point in the project, but it wasn't bad enough for the thin clients to go down.

It is rather interesting how Jamie got involved with the Growing Communities of Scientist project. He has a wife who works for Inetium, the company who made the web interface for the GetSTEM project, a service created by MHTA. GetSTEM connects 'science teachers in need' with Minnesota businesses who have help to offer. It works like this, as I teacher I went to GetSTEM and posted that I needed someone to provide some Linux help on a project I was doing (I referenced this blog). Employees of participating businesses, generally those that rely heavily on the Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) disciplines, browse the posts by teachers on this site. If they find a request that interests them, they can contact the teacher and work out things from there. This service is exceptional in that it is local, and very web 2.0ish: it provides an interface to allow direct-connect between Joe Teacher with Joe Tech Employee--no need to go through organizational filters/pathways on either side. Worked for me.

So... Jamie's wife saw a GetSTEM request (mine), showed it to husband, he contacted me and well, the picture below shows it all......the network is properly tweaked and printer are... WORKING!

Thanks to Jamie, Jamie-wife, and MHTA.

Things are getting nearer... Tomorrow I'm taking a personal leave day (it's officially a district wide-staff development day) to maybe get things to that, holy-grail state, that "Limpin' but live" condition!

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