Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring, First day of Phase 2!


The computers are working, students "stress-tested" them all day today--issues emerged, I created work-arounds and by the end of the day, they worked perfectly!


I'd like to thank my wife and kids who have put up with me these many months, even encouraging me on though they now have little patience for the word, 'computers'.

I'd like to thank friends, both new and old, for their support. I'd like to especially thank the more than dozen volunteers who volunteered dozens of hours (some several dozens) to get this project so far. Thanks to the many more people who heard the ideas of this project and have supported it with ideas or just encouragement.

There are those who have provided many thousands of dollars for this project, namely Medtronic Foundation and Minneapolis Public Schools. You all are part of this multi-dimensional, multi-faceted project. And I thank you. I'll keep this blog updated, still discussing technology but focusing now mostly on pedagogy (I hope!).

There are communities of scientists to grow!

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