Thursday, February 05, 2009

The server room, gaining access

One challenge of much of establishing this project is that many borders are crossed. For example, the best solution for server placement (read: saves thousands in wiring costs) is in the drop room. Great solution but the key to that room is a master key that has access to most all of the doors in our building. Understandably, giving me one of those keys sort of flies in the face of the system of limiting access to as few people as necessary. What I'm doing is (evidently) not considered necessary. I understand not getting the master key--let the principal sleep just a little easier at night.

I came up with another solution. Instead of having my own key, I could have someone else let me into the room when necessary. I asked. Access wouldn't be needed too much, I can use VNC/ssh. The reply was, "Well, I don't know, try and find another solution."

There really wasn't another (inexpensive) solution, so now people with more juice than I will explain the situation to my boss and hopefully that will help me gain access and get the thin client server in the room and... GOING! I'm getting close!

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