Saturday, January 31, 2009

The room gets closer still, the district server and class server advance, too

Peggy and John came from the district and dropped off the rest of the 25' power strips and cord protectors. Thanks guys (guy/gal)!

After volunteering for 8 hours last week, Fred again found time to volunteer this Thursday after school. We worked till 6 (and I spent another hour finished up a couple things on Friday AM) and got close to finishing the other side of the room! I just need to route 6 more Ethernet cables and plug in a few power cords, keyboards and mice :-) Next week?

Fred looking like a student, kind of

On Saturday Jack came to my house to continue the work of transferring the various Plone sites (requiring the re-installation/transferring of 3 different Plone instances) to the new district web server. This new server will have the capacity to quickly create content such as Vee's, discussions, upload images from many members at once. We/he of course had a challenge with the old Plone versions as he had to separately build the appropriate versions of Zope and Python (2.7.8 and 2.3.5, respectively). Then, he moved the content from the U server to the District server (255 megs in 1.5 minutes!). And... it didn't work. We got closer. Anyone know what this means: "ImportError: cannot import name base_hasattr"? A step at a time...

I did an experiment with the solutions proposed by LaserJock and others. I simply did a search for "firefox" on the thin client server, 'chgrp firefox name.of.file' to change the group from root to 'firefox'. Then, I changed the permissions on the file, 'chmod 750 name.of.file', making it so that the owner (root) can do anything, the group (firefox) can read/execute it, and (quite importantly in this situation) others can not read/write/execute it. Then, I tried to open firefox and... it didn't work! That was conditionally good. Then I added myself to the group, 'firefox'. Then I logged out then back in and... I could now access it! This is a simple solution, pretty much, at least in a temporary way. This way I can get the room up and running. Now I need to repeat this process with the different apps and many users... And work on getting a user friendly version of this for other teachers... I wonder if this solution could integrate with the edubuntu-menus?

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