Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remaining thin-client issues decrease by 1/2

I'll never forget what I heard once: the people who die from eating poisonous mushrooms are the mushroom experts. While a little bit of knowledge may be dangerous, a lot of knowledge can be fatal. Not that I've got a lot of Linux/command-line knowledge, but I know enough to... dig more holes...

I couldn't get nice flash stuff like the one at the top of No, it wasn't simply updating flash which of course isn't simple. After updating I couldn't get firefox to use the new plugin--it insisted on using Flash 8, not Flash 10. Hours later... I solved that problem, encountered the issue with Ubuntu 8.0.4, Flash 10, PulseAudio and crashing firefox, and solved that mostly, with the help of Anyway, one can now watch videos on the web though it's not too smooth.

I tried to then see if the Java applets such as these physics simulations worked, but alas they still don't. I hope that dealing with the slowness of CmapTools (which is Java based) will solve this problem. But, from what I gleaned from this recent discussion is that the problem might be more in NIC issues than in Java, but that really it's unknown. "They're working on it..."

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