Saturday, February 14, 2009

Again, thanks Jack

Jack came over again today to work on Plone installation challenges. He has to come here because one can't ssh into the district server on which these are to be running, only via VPN access which is set up on my house computer.

Jack sloshed through many pages trying to find why the legacy Plone 2.1.4 site wouldn't work on the fresh install, finally finding the issue to be one of insufficiently installed PIL. Once he fixed that, then he quickly blew through the final hurdle and wow! This older site works! And, this is important because that is the only one on which FLE3 will work on. Also, it's nice to be able to show work from previous classes on line, such as it is.

Also, the new production plone site seems to be issue-free as Jack fixed another PIL issue. Images now behave well, great actually, on this new site! If I had some time I'd get it set up for public use, right this moment it's only used to coordinate/present question/directions/images for the lessons. Soon though students will all have accounts on it and will be creating content (ever the dreamer... :-)

I tried to do some more work on the CmapServer install but am still stymied by the lack of a GUI. But, I did find something on the openvz website that explained about X forwarding which I think means that all of the X11 feedback gets routed to the computer on which I running the console. Anyway, at least 1 unsolved issue still to get it to work.

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