Monday, January 19, 2009

More connections, more community

I needed help with the server (sound new?) so I jumped onto the #edubuntu irc last Tuesday (1-13) looking for help on using the Edubuntu-menus--an alternative to Sabayon I hoped. So good deal, Jordan Mantha AKA LaserJock, the lead person behind edubuntu-menus was on line and responded to my request for help.

Looks like edubuntu-menus might not be the solution (has 'right-click loophole') for what I need. I had a long and helpful chat with him that night. It's amazing: there are so many people 'out there' who are willing to (and currently) volunteer their precious time to help out education. As a matter of fact, part of my agenda for this project is to provide a medium through which these very smart and energetic people can make an important impact in education. Think Jack, Eddie, Christen, James, Fred, Brandon, Conner, Chris, Brian and Don.

LaserJock shared his ideas resulting from our chat that eve. His comments sparked a response from quite a few people -- at last view there were 31 comments on that blog entry. The internet provides the tools for communities of people to connect and create something much bigger than the sum of what they could, on their own, create. And, that's what I want to do within my classrooms of scientists, as well as connecting the scientist-students to the immense community outside the classroom.

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