Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ah plone... sometimes it doesn't work

I'm sure it has a good reason. Or at least maybe it has a good reason. I spent probably 12 hours this weekend striving to move my main site on the old server in my adviser's office at the U. of Minnesota to the new district server. It shouldn't have been too hard, exporting the 93 MB "Zope export file, .zexp" and then transfer it first at my computer, then over to the district server and from the air importing its into the new Zope instance that Jack and I were able to get working.

After several hours of trying to make that work including time spent on #plone irc I found out that's there is a bug in a program called, "wicked" which prevents it from being successfully imported. Arrrg.

After doing several things I tried a very different approach involving copying over the singular, large, database file from the U server to my house and then over to the district server. This too, ought to have worked. But it didn't. Jack tried to help me and so did a couple people from the plone community via the irc. all to no avail.

Well, did they say that Edison had to make 1000 failures before he could make one that worked? Hopefully next weekend I'll be able to move the site!

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