Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We arrived at some conclusions...

Clyde and Kyle
I was very pleased to meet the Interim Director of Facilities, Clyde, as he came to visit me in my classroom this last Monday morning. I again was impressed with our district leadership--he came with with a positive, problem-solving perspective on the wiring issue highlighted by the fire marshal.

Kyle accompanied Clyde to my classroom during my prep. After showing both around my classroom and sharing our vision of the Growing Communities of Scientists project, Clyde had questions. He asked about evidence showing that this model works, how other teachers in the district felt about this project, what the dream was. Clyde had some insightful things to say. Additionally, we addressed the issues brought up by the fire marshal. Here were some points he made:
  • While the design of the tables were practical, they were rustic. To expand this model into many more classrooms, the tables would need to become more professional. I couldn't disagree with this!
  • If this model proves itself then the district should be expected to support it.
  • He felt that the solutions we have come up with to address the concerns of the fire marshal will work! This is great news because for this model to be practical it can't require expensive modifications of each classroom. I'll post a picture of the solution this Saturday as a few of us volunteers will be working in the room, then.
  • He suggested that the leaders of the different, stakeholder-departments such as Media, Technology Integration, Instruction, and Science need to get together to discuss this project. Involved teachers, Ed, Christen and James need to be part of the meeting, also. We would combine our expertise, improving the ideas of this project. This would help avoid what happened with the electrical wiring where we lost a lot of time, effort and money implementing a solution that in the end was not acceptable. I thought this was an excellent idea and appreciated him bringing it up. He said that he will start to organize this meeting though it will probably take a while to happen.
The snowball continues to grow :-)

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