Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Director of Facilities

Kyle from Facilities and I have sent a few e-mails back and forth, the goal--help me understand 'code' in preparation of finding a working solution. As I mentioned towards the end of a rather lengthy previous post, 'code' isn't easy find. Here is some additional info:
  • Can't use plastic gang boxes as a built-in power strip (maybe if it were a metal gang box?) Looks like we'll be needing to purchase and install off-the-shelf power strips.
  • Cables need to be suspended using their own supports. You can't touch anything used to support other components of the structure (like hanging tiles). Thus, our split PVC channels which supported the cables had to go.
He recommended that I don't proceed until further consultation with the Director of Facilities, Clyde. Clyde called Wed. morning while I was waiting for my daughter to exit from surgery (mouth stuff--not too serious)--cell phones are amazing. He also appears to come from a problem solving approach and I'm again thankful for this--it is in his power to do as the FM did and 'just say no'. We will meet Monday morning during my prep period to try to find solutions.

My goal is to find inexpensive solutions even though the district has offered to put special electricity outlets into some of the rooms. I don't want this approach--I'm looking for the low-impact solution, one that can be done inexpensively in many rooms.

On Friday, my wife and I removed all the wiring that Fred, Alberto and I had so carefully installed. Oh well, 3 steps forward and 2 backward...I connected the 3 tables on one edge of the room in preparation with the talk with the Facilities Director on Monday as hopefully a launching pad to an acceptable solution. It's not ideal from a teacher's point of view as I may discuss later if this solution becomes accepted. But, I think it is workable. I'll post more as I learn more.


  1. Is it possible to run cables DOWN thru the floor and from there to power or to a network switch?

  2. Creative! I'm sure the Dir of Fac will have an opinion on that! Anyway, it might be how the electricity was put in the floor in the back of the room, so they may already have experience with it. Again, I'm looking for the lowest impact solution though can't sacrifice functionality completely. Thanks for your thoughts!