Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blog growing

I've been feeling the need for quite a while to comment on aspects of GCoS beyond just its physical creation. That need has been growing and has now burst into this blog! So now I'll start to use tagging to categorize the entries.

I was directed to this entry from an entry in Jon Stahl's blog. When I tell some people about the GCoS project, some people get it right away and others don't. I've had the tacit understanding expressed in that entry but didn't really get the need to be explicit about it.

To me, when I think, "Web 2.0 tools in the classroom" I'm thinking, "Wow, think how these tools will allow the students and I to network--to create connections". It's not about computers, about the internet, or the network. It's about increasing the quantity and quality of the network --the networking-- between the people, ideas and things that constitute a community.

I wonder, what are measures of the quantity/quality of a community?

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