Saturday, October 25, 2008

A rush of activity!

This (Saturday!) morning we got a lot done at Roosevelt. Of course, a work day is always just the tip of the iceberg: there's always stuff that goes into preparing for it it, not just on my part but on the other participants parts as well. For example, my student Alberto, who volunteered to help lay cables had to at least arrange a ride not to mention put aside the other things he would have otherwise done. And Conner drove in from Burnsville, had researched different computer management software, and undoubtedly put aside other things he had to do. I coordinated schedules with different people, arranged snacks, and owe my wife big time for making such a delicious pizza for lunch! Also, I coordinated the various supplies for the cable hanging and installing monitors projects. It even requires attention to remember the camera with which I took this shot of Connor McCall at the server:

I hope to soon upload a few shots of Alberto installing the cables; he manages cables like a pro. Alberto got a huge amount done. Basically, he finished cabling the rest of the room, and it looks great. Now, every table has both power and Ethernet connections. This involved routing the ethernet cables through the table and using U-shaped staple/nails to keep them in place.

Also, my daughter Erika stopped by for about an hour: she was taking the ACT in Roosevelt this morning. She helped with some odds and ends as well. the two of them unpacked and installed four more monitors. I was able to apply a small solution which I had created to hold some of the older LCD monitors in place: now we have another table set up on the network.

Conner got some good work done also:
  • he got the squid server going again,
  • he installed a product called, "Saboyan" or something, this is used to manage a computer lab running Ubuntu in schools. It looks like we can use this application to manage student computer access. This is excellent! This product still requires some more setup.
  • He also got a Firefox add on which can be used to manage student use of Firefox. I'm quite excited about this as it has a feature to limit available websites -- this'll be a handy feature for the students who are at the lowest level of privileges -- and as they prove themselves reliable, their access increases exponentially!
  • And..
I'm at a point I'm going to take the server home and there are things that I can start to customize, for example add users, and learn how to use Saboyan and also do some more work on figuring out why the new switch isn't working for the thin client network.

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  1. David, I just wanted to say thank you for lunch, and for this wonderful opportunity. I feel like we are finally out of the quicksand and progress is being made. I'm looking forward to getting this project running for your students.