Sunday, October 05, 2008

Jack Ungerleider at the Riverview Cafe

Jack agreed to help out. Well actually, he's been doing that for a few years now. Here's a picture of Jack helping out at the science Museum where I saw him a few weeks ago at the Star Wars exhibit with my son.Anyway, we met at the Riverview Cafe On Sunday afternoon. The goal was/is to get 3 Plone servers running on the (relatively) powerful Web server that is now running over at the district. Thanks to Brian Dolan-Goecke, the server has five virtual machines on it one for each Zope instance, with two extra machines, one for an experimental Zope instance and the other for our Cmap Server.

And the machine itself was put online at MPS with the help of Ben Peck and Doug Roberts.

Long story short -- the stars didn't converge and we weren't able to get too much done. However, we did get further and I expect that I'll be able to permanently shut down the old Pentium desktop in my advisor's office which now runs these Web services. Poco a poco, as they say in Guatemala.

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