Thursday, October 02, 2008

eBay Monitor Bad News

Today arrived the hoped-for fix-up of the e-Bay order of 10 monitors. While the person had sent 10 monitors, only 6 of them had power cords, and there were no VGA cables! Via various e-mailings, they asserted that they could only find power supplies for 2 of the monitors. Thus they agreed to send 2 replacement monitors (with power supplies this time) along with 2 power supplies for the monitors that they located and 4 VGA cables.

Upon opening the box much to our surprise we found the same 2 monitors we had sent! What a waste of time. It appears that they found power supplies for the 2 monitors.

The 2 returned monitors worked with the power supplies they sent. That's the good news. Fred took the other 2 power supplies and will test them at NSJ so we will see.

Without getting into too much detail about the VGA cables, all 4 of them were of a strange design. One end of each of the cables had a 90ยบ configuration. It wouldn't work in the computers nor the monitors, like it was designed for computers or monitors released in Europe or Asia or Africa or something. It's time to get back to the e-Bay guy...

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