Thursday, October 30, 2008

Assembling the components at the table

Perhaps this entry isn't worthy of posting but then again if it will save me a few moments at another time... Here are the steps to assemble the components of the computer-table:
  1. Install monitor spacer
  2. Place computers in place: 15 cm between them and be conscious of orientation so that power button is easily accessible for corresponding students and power cord difficult to access for students at opposite diagonal!
  3. Install monitor and computer power cords--Route through holes and put as little below level as possible. Extra cordage goes between the computers.
  4. Connect and route mouse and keyboard to corresponding computers, route cords between computers, mouse goes to one side, keyboard to other.
  5. Connect monitors.
  6. Test-boot the computers
  7. If they work, afix computer feet with double-sided tape to keep them in place.
  8. Mount monitors with metal strap (I need to get a pict to show this).
  9. Label computers and monitors with table number and red "A" or black "B" side depending on whether mounted at the inside or outside diagonals.
  10. Label 'home spots' for mice and keyboards.

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