Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Various updates

Here are a few updates:
  • Fred continues to be busy at Nelly Stone Johnson school. He updated me through e-mail with the following:
    "I got the ethernet cables from the last two tables installed yesterday. I
    also got the cable from the switch to the server installed. Getting thru
    the wall from the closet to the hallway and thru the wall from the hallway
    to room 350 was not a problem. Getting the right amount of cable cable
    between and from these was not too difficult. It just required many trips
    up and down ladders and several of the "tools" I'd brought along -- a
    long electrical fish tape, a 5 foot shelf brackett (about 3/4 by 3/8
    cross-section), a smaller cross-section wood strip, masking tape and
    cardboard to attach cable to "tools" temporarily."
  • "There are coils (~ 6" diameter original coils) of the 16 ethernet cables
    near the switch that are currently just stacked on the switch and
    are not plugged in. I have an idea for using some corrugated
    plastic (like used in political yard signs) to contain these on edge in
    numerical order ** above the switch so the can pb plugged in neatly.
    ** I numbered the cables 1-16 on each end with sharpie felt pen."
  • I got a return e-mail from the District person in response to my question about what they were planning to do and what prompted them to offer to install power in the ceiling. The first sentence of the e-mail says:
    "We are considering it, I am going to be coming out to look at the locations and requirements. We are looking only at the most simplistic means of rectifying the fire code issues that you have created.
as I said to James White today I would really be in terrible shape if I didn't work so awfully hard to follow rules! I'm rather frustrated as I had worked out the electrical solution for these tables with the district inspector. Oh well, I'll find out what I did this time.

  • Great news! I went fishing today on Google and I caught a big fish! I wondered if the problem wasn't that our new switch was interfering with our server's DHCP so I went to James' room to borrow last year's switch, the one we had used over the summer. I put that in place of the new switch and what a deal, it worked! The thin clients are working now, so all that has to be done is re-set up the server (private joke). I just found out today that Roosevelt will not be open on any Saturdays until October 3 -- wait, that's a Friday, maybe it's October 11. Anyway, I'm therefore going to be bringing the server home and see what I can do there. Chances are I will be bugging my Linux-capable friends. Be forewarned!

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