Saturday, September 13, 2008

The elusive monitor(s)

  • looks like we really are going to get the needed monitors soon! Not only is there a person through eBay who can sell and ship them for a decent price, they take purchase order numbers, and I like that. If it'll summon can move a bit we could get the monitors here in a couple weeks. I can't wait.
  • So that behooves us to make sure we can get all of our server-ducks, so to say, in order. The server is set up next to my room but I can't quite change the host name -- spent four hours on it and learned a little bit but really, no luck.
  • So... time to rally troops and get the networks running...
  • And, it's time for the teachers to prepare for the moment by creating a few basic tutorials on the Minneapolis LeMill site at
  • Yeah, and we've got to get those cables under the ceilings, though Fred has got a really nice start at Nellie Stone. I need some pictures of those. Eddie has found an interesting part at Home Depot that might help out, also.
I know that for us teachers to say that our plates are full is like saying a marlin is a panfish. This is been a great start but we really need to redouble our efforts as teachers or the time will quickly slip by!

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