Monday, August 18, 2008

Tables are electricitized!

Today Fred again biked to Roosevelt and helped with several more things. I can now say the electrical for the tables are done!

Last Friday Eddie came over to Roosevelt after his IFL workshop to splice some more plugs and found that one of the outlets had something wrong with it--it sparked when plugged in. I knew that we had to check the wiring in all of the outlets but I figured we would need to use a multimeter. However, by good chance Fred brought a handy-dandy outlet tester that lets one know if the wiring was done properly.

I wish I could say that Fred only had to correct 1 mistake today but I believe there were...5! Anyway, that's why we have quality control :-)

Fred overhauled some 20 more Pentium III's and spliced on the last 3 plugs. I cleaned out the Ethernet cables from last year and did several other odds and ends. Things are sure coming together!

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