Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making sense of the whole shabang...

One thing us teachers have had to do quite a bit is make sense of all these new technologies, these new software opportunities. I've been doing this for a while now, but Ed and Christen are having a crash course. Luckily they have a high tolerance for confusion and ambiguity.

Ed has taken to the (free) concept mapping software, CmapTools. He worked on making concept maps on his car trip to the west coast. He uses them to take notes in district meetings. And, when he copies the maps to our internet Cmap Server then anyone has access to these notes.

At our meetings we always try to take notes and hammer out understandings on concept maps. One cool thing about doing your concept map on the Cmap Server on the internet is that many people can simultaneously interact with the same map at once. This is pretty impressive. It is interesting too because it solidifies a map of the knowledge as one discusses it, and you can build one it, changing the concept map as your groups understanding grows. When this map gets to a coherent whole, I'll post it. Wait, why wait--as long as the concept map is worth looking at, it will be 'under construction'. Here it is.

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