Thursday, July 10, 2008

Walking our talk/Learning to walk

Funny picture on cell phone

It was a messy, jury-rigged start; nonetheless it was exciting! The 4 of us got together, huridly cobbled together a first table from the parts we've pre-cut. Then we fired up the server and put together 4 thin-client setups at this table. While the telling is linear, watching this purposeful expert teaming is exciting. And cool. Reminds me of watching ant farms as a kid.

I had wanted all of us to increase our skill with using iGoogle as a central organizing tool and specifically adding a Google Calendar, Reader, Docs, Gmail and create a blog. Since I'm NOT a google-expert this 'activity' was quite messy but still good--perhaps especially good--as we are placing ourselves in the shoes of what our students will all-too-soon be experiencing.

We pretty much got all going but did run out of time so we'll be tying loose ends as possible. This is an interesting professional development model. We 4 won't have tons of time all together so we'll need to get good at using available tools to collaborate, to learn to walk.

James: "The position of the monitor makes people sit up straight."

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