Thursday, July 03, 2008

The next step... details

Riding the wave of warmth from seeing volunteers help to successfully boot the thin clients AND actually seeing these thin clients behave so snappily, I detail the next details...

Server management
  1. Customize the LTSP boot image (I know this has got a specific name...)
  2. Set up the computers on the server (registering their MAC #'s I think)
  3. Get the printers to work and set up the print server
  4. Set up Internet Proxy server
  5. Get the document camera to work
  6. Get the data projector that is mounted in class to work with Edubuntu
  7. Set up VNC server
  8. Configure server to connect to sound cards on thin clients
  9. Add appropriate codecs and plugins
  10. Make it so that flash drives auto-mount
Find the "best" apps (and get rid of inferior apps)
  1. Software to manage classroom computers
  2. Add-ons to customize Firefox--especially for
  3. Get LabPro to work with Edubuntu
  4. Software to download data from a LabQuest
  5. Software to manage a collection of images
  6. Software to edit images
  7. Software for doing emails
  8. video editing software
  9. Plus of course OpenOffice...
  10. Plus many cool edutainment apps
Get James' PowerPC thick-client network running Edubuntu 6.10
  1. Set up an Ubuntu file server
  2. Get Edgy to work on one of James' iMacs
  3. Customize it for his students
  4. Make disk image of his iMac, burn it onto the rest of the iMacs
  5. And basically all of the stuff listed above
I need to learn how to...
  1. Customize the boot image
  2. Manage users and user settings
  3. Manage groups of users and group settings
  4. Manage print servers
  5. Add random software
  6. System maintenance
Well, these are things that come to mind... any ideas/opinions/feedback is appreciated!!!

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