Friday, July 11, 2008

Less Messy though still all over the place

Removing the 2 extra monitors leaves the under-table more open. Ed and I spent today working on learning more about my Google. We learned more about Google calendar, and spent more time setting up our high Google page. I helped set up a Google reader account and added a few blogs to his reader. The concept of the reader is a little complex and we discussed how we can teach the idea of a reader to students.

Completely interwoven with everything we did were discussions on how to teach science to students when they have such intimate computer access. How can you focus kids on the task, especially if they are ADHD, if they have the world before them? I'm a great experimental subject for that question.

We concluded that the first week of classes needed to focus on helping students set up some of their collaborative online tools. Each student would set up their iGoogle account, customize their tabs, filling out their pages with gadgets, setting up a reader, a blog, Google docs, and Google calendar Accounts.

We talked about ways to encourage the community value of helping each other. You know that each class will need tech savvy students to help others. An idea I had was to have some kind of a rating or election system where each day students could vote for a couple classmates who they felt had been especially helpful, to recognize these peer-elected people. Growing communities requires focusing on the positive.

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