Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In the thick of things...

Excellent! Thin clients are booting thanks to Brandon's expertise and efforts this morning. Also, thanks to Fred Olson's encouragement as well as dissecting some old PIII's, de-boxing some monitors and de-constructing last year's wiring/tables. This morning we got a big hurdle accomplished: the thin clients are booting off of the server. Here's a shot of the first 2 booters.

I'm surprised at how responsive they are: I was imagining a screen re-draw rate similar to VNC--they are almost as quick in redraw as a regular thick client (ie desktop computer). Also, it was delightful to see how quickly they opened programs such as Firefox and OpenOffice word processing. that's due, no doubt, to the fact that the thin client server is a dual zeon 2.6 gHz machine with 3 gigs of RAM. It will be fascinating to do a stress test with a class set of computers running simultaneously.

Thanks are due to... so many people. Thanks to the people who created this page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=599166&highlight=ltsp and this one, too: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPQuickInstall and of course to those who created/improved the site, to those who made Edubuntu, LTSP. Thanks to Tom Marble who not only helped me (well, he did it all) set up my first Ubuntu server at the U of M AND who was the person who originally suggested I check out thin clients and gave me a link to NPower site. And, thanks to Jack Ungerleider who has been helping me with my Plone server, keeping it working and fixing my errors. And, thanks to Gill Roehrig who has lent me a corner of her office at the U of M for running this web server and... OK this is an example of: "Those who are most creative are those that are best at hiding their sources." I try my best to be not creative, instead, attributive. This quote is said to be from Einstein.

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