Thursday, July 17, 2008

Building, day 6

Christian and I ran the shop today--she primed and primed
and I cut lots of little 5 & 1/2" trapezoids, 96 to be exact, then pre-drilled their soon-to-be a-joined piece.
Part of my time was used to craft a gluing/screwing rig for the corner supports. That will come in handy tomorrow! No wood shop for me then, I'll work in my garage!

After a few hours in the shop we conferred on iGoogle, the Google Calendar to be exact. Ed and I had found out a cool way of using them to collaborate: each have our own "Team share" calendar we let others read for our own personal schedules (as it affects the team) as well as the project calendar where we put the things we do as a team. Poco a poco--many small details... :-)

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